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The tools are awesome, you get alerted when anyone views your profile and there is even video chat. At first we both thought that the only lesbian dating sites out there were simply hook up sites. We live in San Francisco and while there is a nice community here it's not as easy as you may think to meet and we weren't 'club girls'.Pride Dating made it easy for us and we've been dating since early 2009. We were both looking for something very specific, somebody with a great sense of humor.I bought Salvador Dali’s autobiography, and while he seems like an asshole, I really like the way it’s written. I've been told I have 3 personalities - Flirt, Charmer, and Smart Ass. I am a 24 year old, male, and a software developer.

I'm hoping to one day be a character designer :) Besides that I like anime, video games (ps4 and pc), I work part time on the weekends, I have two little doggies, I also love collecting artbooks.

I like most genre's of music but I generally like 80's/90's pop music, I mean, idk man, I feel like that's who I am on the inside. My music taste is literally all over the place, I listen to all that good soccer mom John Mayer music to Rich Brian to The Amity Affliction to BTS and so on. I'm the proud owner of a million dollar smile, an authentic bubble butt (thanks to great genetics and baseball), and I won the award for best head of hair at my 10 year high school reunion (I swear it was an actual award haha). I love bicycle, nature tour, computers, movies and some good music.

Off the top of my head, and, again, for the sake of potentially allowing someone to decipher anything at all about my personality through what I like, my favorite books are non-fiction (documentaries, allegorical stuff, autobiographies are figuratively my shit). I'm a glass half full person and I do Real Estate Home Flips for a living. Engslish is not my native language so get that in mind. If someone would like to get non-binding long term contact feel free to pm me. 5 — two on the front seat, two in the back seat, one in the glovebox.

What I’ve written, or perhaps how I’ve written it, may come off as if though I’m not really fun at parties (I mean, I probably wouldn't instinctively go to one in the first place) but I would consider myself a fairly light hearted person (there are certain things I care about though) who enjoys humor and joking around, who also usually avoids confrontation. I went there a few weeks ago and was so overwhelmed but utterly fascinated. I recently started working the overnight shift at a motel and it's been a mixed blessing.

I would love to work in clinical research or healthcare and plan to work for a few years before doing a master’s degree in either one of those. It wouldn't be fun if I listed everything so I hope I've piqued someones interest enough to reach out! I have much of the day and evening to get stuff done. We could talk about life, shared interests, or just make fun of stuff!

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When we found Pride dating we realized what a gay dating site should be!

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