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100 day korean dating

However, to break away from the boring, general style of dating, they prepare a ‘date course’ to make their dates much interesting and enjoyable.Due to Korean couples’ tendency to visit places and make special memories, theme cafes such as cat and dog cafes are very popular.Usually, couples wear the ‘couple look’ when they are on special dates, such as going to an amusement park.Wow~ today July 25th it’s been exactly 100 days since I started my first blog post here on Word Press!In Korea, women give chocolates to men on Valentine’s and men returns candies to women on White Day.Other days’ include Rose Day on May 14th, and Wine Day on October 14th, which is simply exchanging roses and drinking wine together, respectively.

It is the norm in Korea to celebrate 100th day anniversaries, counting from the day they officially began their relationship.

The similar fashion of couples is called ‘couple look’, and it is on the wish lists of many couples.

Korean couples with a ‘couple look’ is not hard to find, varying from clothes with similar patterns to ones with the exact same colors and designs.

There are, however, some Korean couples who do not want to be bothered by messages- but they also at least send good morning and good night texts to one another.

Dates courses, couple rings, and matching items Korean couples usually visit cafes, watch movies, and take a walk together.

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