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Accommodating learning disabilities

For the student unencumbered by a learning disability, foreign language study is indeed an enriching and rewarding experience.For the learning disabled student, however, it can be an unbelievably stressful and humiliating experience, the opposite of what is intended.Among other causes cited in the literature have been lack of effort, lack of motivation, poor language learning habits and low "ability" in language learning. Kenneth Dinklage of Harvard University was compelled to find out why some of Harvard's brightest and best were not passing their language classes.

In their research, they formulated a theory which explained the problems and variations in foreign language acquisition.At least two approaches to foreign language instruction different from "normal" or traditional language instruction have emerged as being effective.The first and most researched approach is a response to Ganschow and Spark's findings that many, if not most, students having trouble with foreign language acquisition have phonological deficits in their first language.Foreign language "magnet" schools have been created in some school districts and seem to be very popular.And of course, it's more common than not that colleges and universities require foreign language study for graduation.

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