Accomodating intraocular lenses dating hofner violin basses

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You may resume flying privileges while wearing distance vision contact lenses, when you can meet FAA vision standards for your class of medical certification and have no complications.

Color-tinted contact lenses or lenses that significantly reduce transmitted light are not acceptable for aviation purposes.

A Multifocal Lens, a Premium IOL, uses multiple focusing areas that are built into the IOL implant to provide vision at various distances; this is similar to having a bifocal or trifocal lens inside of the eye.

You will need to provide a current FAA report of eye evaluation showing stable visual acuity and no significant side effects.A thorough eye exam each year with your eye care professional is a good idea, especially as we get older, to identify potential eye pathology that could can be treated early to avoid more serious vision complications later in life.After Treatment After your ophthalmologist or optometrist has released you to resume normal activities, and when you can meet the appropriate visual acuity standards for the class of medical you hold, a Report of Eye Evaluation (FAA Form 8500-7) should be completed by your eye care specialist.Your AME may issue your medical certificate to you at the time of your FAA physical examination provided you meet the following requirements: Your lens implant must have been done at least three months prior to the FAA physical examination.You will need to provide a current FAA report of eye evaluation showing stable visual acuity and refractive error, absence of significant side effects, including glare, flares, or other visual phenomena that could affect visual performance and impact aviation safety.

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A Monofocal lens is the standard IOL implant used in cataract surgery.