Adult chat texting jobs in uk

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Adult chat texting jobs in uk

I think my biggest problem was times that I am available to work because they are all located in the UK, evening here is not evening there.

If you couldn't work during their 3 or 4 busy hours you wouldn't get any conversations.

I only know that I have heard other people say they enjoy working for them. LONG POST**********Ok Let me see if I can help but I'm only going to post this once..please don't email me with a bunch of questions..j/k First off just to set the links above straight because these companies websites can be confusing. a great place to find help wanted in the adult world including texting! the same company and you can apply by going to either web address and clicking on careers. The pay rate for this company is much higher that Text121 to apply send an email to [email protected]EPL is from what I hear a great company to work for but they do not hire very often they also pay hourly here is there email address as well [email protected]Also if you have any other questions about texting here is a little board you can find most of the answers at: I have worked for two of these texting companies and have many friends who text the money you make is all in how fast you type and how creative you can be along with how flexible you can be with your hours. Warning this is how ever a very adult orientated job and is not for everyone!

Some of the companies above require a schedule those companies pay more and some of them are very flexible but pay less.Any advice given by forum or mailing list participants is not endorsed by By participating in these discussions, you agree to allow and its parent company Maricle Media, Inc.I was once logged in for an entire hour and only made 14 cents.So my experience/opinion is that you can make more money and better spend your time elsewhere...depending on what your schedule is like and what hours you are able and willing to work.

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They used Yahoo and most had the same screen names to use in chat with people.

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