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I'm in Philadelphia, so I wouldn't be competitng against you. A stripper is NOT the same as a physical fitness instructor unless you also equate a drug dealer to a pharmacist. Certainly there are some similarities but hardly enough or of the type that make them "the same thing".

Being a stripper is not now and probably never will be thought of as not that big a deal so that will have to be accepted by those making that choice.

What I mean to say is that when you date a stripper you have to go beyond the fact that she has a sexy job and see her as a total person outside of her my opinion, most of the rippers are gay or bi( nothing wrong with either ok) or use the men to get the might ol dollar.why would you want to date a person who spreads themselves for twenty bucks , how would you feel if you were in a mall or at a social gathering and some man walks up to you and says without knowing she or he is your gf or bf " omg see that person , she has or he has the hottest chest( JWA ,.....Then again, I think Pamela Anderson was much cuter before she had her remodeling done so maybe I'm in the minority??LOLThis thread reminds me of a movie I rented a few months ago "Dancing at the Blue Iguana" it is about how strippers can't have a life outside of their profession.FWIW I'm not a prude and love sexy women as any guy would.I simply don't see how a stripper in a club who I know is only trying to hustle money from me could be the least bit exciting or "fun".

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