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She wondered if perhaps she had secretly wanted it and subconsciously pursued it or inspired it.Subconscious or not, the idea of it, the possibility of it, made her breath catch and her heart race. And she wondered, pressing herself against Kevin’s hardness and squeezing his hand back, if she would stop it if it happened.The verbal games were arousing but they were games only, played as couples play, teasing each other.They were not things Kevin said to her either, not wishes he expressed but he played along, and they enjoyed it together, safe in the knowledge that they had each other, were for each other, perfect together.

She had not lain awake dreaming of this, had not masturbated alone, thinking of another man, had not imagined another as her husband entered her.And yet, here on the second-to-last night of their second honeymoon cruise, she swayed to the music in the arms of another man, pressing herself gently, feeling his aroused member pressing into her belly. She felt comfortable and attracted to him in a way she had never before since marrying Kevin, had never allowed for the possibility.And he was handsome, warm and friendly, charming and easy to like. Another time, another man or situation and she would have pulled away, politely excused herself. But here she was, feeling like the woman she pretended to be with Kev when she teased him.She felt his shoulder, strong and firm and shifting under her hand, felt him sway and press against her as they moved to the music, his tall, strong body pressing against her slight and lithe figure.She smelled his scent, his man smell mixed with cologne, a faint odor of alcohol from his breath.

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Bodies brushed each other through light, casual clothes, so little separating them.

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