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During Greenwalt's restructuring of the pilot, all of the original actors save for the male lead role of Mick St.John were recast in June 2007: Shannon Lucio, Rade Šerbedžija and Amber Valletta were originally cast in the roles of Beth Turner, Josef Kostan and Coraline Duvall respectively before Sophia Myles, Jason Dohring and Shannyn Sossamon replaced them.Trevor Munson conceived the character of Mick Angel in 2004 and spent two and a half years writing a novel featuring the character.The story was adapted into a feature film script, and Bruce Willis was considered as a possibility for the lead role.Flashbacks to 22 years ago show a domestic fight between Mick and his ex-wife Coraline Duvall over a kidnapped girl.

Beth's boyfriend Josh is kidnapped by a dangerous Los Angeles–based gang.

The script was shown to Nina Tassler at CBS, who paired Munson with Ron Koslow, creator of Beauty and the Beast, to rewrite the script as a television series.

The series was titled Twilight, and Koslow and Munson wrote the pilot, which Warner Bros.

Joel Silver approached Dohring "out of the blue and said, 'There's a role, and I'm making it younger'".

Dohring read two pages of script featuring Josef, and was interested by the character's "dark" and "sharp" personality.

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Alex O'Loughlin, Shannon Lucio, Rade Šerbedžija and Amber Valletta were cast in the lead roles, and Rod Holcomb was hired as director.