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A bit like the Boy Scouts movement or a football supporters’ club.”Padlocks of love An incident that made a big impression on public awareness occurred last September: a small group of activists invited couples to fasten a small “padlock of love” to the safety fence on Telemly Bridge in central Algiers — until then known as the “suicide bridge” — in imitation of the locks couples fasten to some bridges in Paris.That evening, young men from the Telemly district, wearing Islamist (long shirts), broke off the padlocks, calling them “ungodly symbols of western decadence”.Algerian fans celebrate in Algiers in June after Algeria qualified for the knock-out round of the World Cup after their match with Russia.Football and riots help relive tension for many young men in the North African country.

The testimony I have collected in 15 towns and cities (including Algiers, Oran, Annaba, Bejaia, Tizi Ouzou, Ouargla and Chelf) agrees, without significant regional variation, with the views of the researchers and professionals I have spoken to.

Getting a little privacy is almost impossible in rural areas, and very difficult even in major cities.

Tea shops are among the few places where lovers can look into each other’s eyes, and maybe hold hands.

As Idir from Tizi Ouzou says, “The first time you go with a girl, you only know what you’ve seen in porn videos.”Living in golden cages Managing their sexuality is the major concern of most young people, because of their close and obsessive relationship with religion.

“Because, apart from sex, they have everything,” says Kamel Daoud of the . Every town needs a swimming pool, a library, a sports ground, a cinema, a theatre, but there’s absolutely nothing.”Keltouma Aguis is studying for a doctorate in anthropology at the National Centre for Research in Social and Cultural Anthropology in Oran.

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Khaled Ait Sidhoum, a psychoanalyst in Algiers (and the only Algerian member of the International Psychoanalytical Association), says: “Young Algerians, men and women, are under great stress — unable to truly satisfy their desires and crushed by guilt after the few sexual experiences they allow themselves.

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