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Alina araeva dating profile

I am an optimist and I always sparkle the people around me with positive energy and enthusiasm.Why should not we fill our life with little surprises, nice little things and joy that bring variety into our life?

yes, maybe nowadays this sounds a little bit strange but books offer me much more pleasure than TV watching.:o) I want my future family to be based on mutual understanding and love, and our relationships should be filled with romance and tender feelings.I am able to fall in love with a person with all his merits and demerits, with his own individual character and views to life.I'm a fairly nice person but again I don't just let anyone in.Sometimes I come off cold and bitchy but its either Im having a bad day or you mean nothing beneficial to me (sorry, thats the 'coldness' but more so, the harsh reality). I can't read notes but I can read basic notes that they teach you in band class.

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