Am i too pushy dating Sexy couple web cam

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Am i too pushy dating

I don't see the "deleting of emails" as a rejection. I'm looking for something to catch my attention....catch my eye. I am in a relationship at the present.) Sometimes, I may not have time to respond, or I don't yet want to correspond - perhaps I am just starting to date someone, and am not yet certain about them, but not really am wanting to chat with another just yet. But a week or two goes by and I never hear from you. You might've deleted it or you might've just archived it. But how many women are likely to reply to every guy they're not interested in to tell them that they're not interested?

There are all kinds of reasons..a "rejection" would be clear.. Maybe you just started seeing someone and want to wait to see how that goes before responding to me. The point is that enough time has gone by for me to infer that you're either not that interested in me or you're no longer available. Given how many emails most women get on dating sites, that would take up a lot of time to send those rejections. Is she going to renew just so she can send a rejection? Instead, they just wouldn't reply and let the guy infer whatever he wants.

And if by chance a woman I emailed responded back to me a month or two later, I doubt I would find that very flattering. Because she didn't send you "thanks, but no thanks" at first?

Speaking for myself, I don't think it works that way--at least not for me.

If I'm unresponsive to a man at first but begin showing interest with continued attempts, it's not because I was waiting for him to be persistent.

It was because something he said or did peaked my interest and I want to know more.

Even if a guy pursued me, I'd listen to my intuition, even if most things were pointing to giving the guy a chance, if I had the smallest inclination that I shouldn't waste my time, then I'd listen.

If I didn't respond to their first email, chances are I won't respond to the second.

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Maybe I have missed out on a girlfriend or two because of not being 'persistent'.

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