Ancient tombs predating egypt

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Ancient tombs predating egypt

Cuneiform writing was gradually replaced by the Phoenician alphabet during the Neo-Assyrian Empire, and by the 2nd century A. Cuneiform documents were written on wet clay tablets, by means of a blunt reed for a stylus.

The impressions left by the stylus were wedge shaped, thus giving rise to the name cuneiform ("wedge shaped," from the Latin cuneus, meaning "wedge").

It is universally agreed that writing was developed independently in at least two places: Mesopotamia (specifically, ancient Sumer) and Mesoamerica.

It is debated whether writing was developed completely independently in Egypt and China, or whether the appearance of writing in either or both places was due to cultural diffusion (i.e.

C, thirteen hundred years earlier than the date he expected, and earlier even, than the writing systems of the Sumerians and Minoan's.

A thermal well found near the settlement might be evidence of Europe's oldest spa.

In 1908, a similar cache was found during excavations conducted by Miloje Vasich (1869-1956) in Vinča, a suburb of Belgrade (Serbia), some 120 km from Tordos.

Later, more such fragments were found in Banjica, another part of Belgrade.

An additional possibility is the undeciphered rongorongo script of Easter Island; again, however, it is debated whether this system is true writing at all, and if it is, whether it is yet another case of cultural diffusion of writing.

Cuneiform script is one of the earliest known forms of written expression. C, with predecessors reaching into the late 4th millennium (the Uruk IV period), cuneiform writing began as a system of pictographs.

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Since then, over one hundred and fifty Vinča sites have been identified in Serbia alone, but many, including Vinča itself, have not been fully excavated.

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