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Laird - loquacious, mildly eccentric, still boyishly good-looking despite his excesses - spent the rest of the early Nineties in a drug-fuelled fug.

"I'd take ecstasy at 4 o'clock in the morning when I was already ripped on something else," he says. " Recently signed to Creation, Laird has just released Mona Lisa Overdrive, a "future-folk" album that documents his journey back from the brink.

At 13, Laird ran away to the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival to see The Doors.

At 14 he befriended Jeff Dexter, and when the DJ dropped too much acid to man the decks for The Who at the Oval, Laird deputised.

"He had this thing where you wrote a song in the morning and he'd critique it in the afternoon," says Laird.

"Eventually, I started to think about that Jarvis Cocker lyric. "Inner Brownstone Symphony" finds him coming to terms with his heroin addiction in a New York apartment.

"All Change" features samples recorded at a Tibetan monastery in Nepal's Kathmandu valley.

As I look around my host's Aladdin's cave of a lounge, I feel a bit like a contestant on David Frost's Through the Keyhole.

On the coffee-table there's an antique-silver opium pipe.

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"I remember being taken for a spin in his white Rolls, and it was, like, `I'm going to be very camp and call you darling a lot, but don't worry - I'm not gay'," says Laird.