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Chelsea and Max eventually rekindled their relationship.

When Chelsea needed to move to London to care for her mother, Billie, after a bad car accident, Max moved to London with Chelsea. Family Trees: Scan the many branches of the Brady family tree.

The only thing that Max wanted was to know the identity of a girl in a picture that Trent carried around.

Max learned that the girl was Trent's daughter, Melanie, which made her Max's half-sister. Max fought hard to protect his sister, despite her confession to him that she was with Trent at the cemetery the night he was killed.

Max went in search of his sister and found her living in France. When he told Stephanie about Melanie's confession, Stephanie went straight to the police.

Melanie had a "party girl" attitude, which did not sit well with Stephanie. He soon learned that Trent had been pimping out Melanie to pay off gambling debts. Furious about her betrayal, Max broke up with Stephanie.

Max turned to Chelsea Brady for support after the break-up.

After a brief but unfulfilled relationship with his niece, Stephanie, Max decided to focus on his work.

Max began comforting Mimi after her break up with Shawn and the two began dating.

While trying to track down the whereabouts of a missing Phillip Kiriakis, Max and Mimi were trapped and held prisoner in the basement of a church.

While there, they discovered a skeleton burring behind the basement wall.

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