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Now this story sounds WAAYYY to fantasy-like to be true. pretty boy Taylor Lautner back in 2009 on the set of some forgotten romantic comedy, the world went nuts because OMG, TWO STEAMY HOT TAYLORS ARE TOTALLY DATING EACH OTHER, BLAH!

Of course, like all of Swift’s relationships, this one had an expiration date, and the world felt let down.

I love Taylor's songwriting and as a team, they are incredible. Who knows how much of it is her and how much is Max Martin and Shellback though.

I know that she acts as her own manager, which is jaw-dropping to me.

That's really impressive, especially when you factor in Swift’s age at the time. With a grueling schedule like that, is it any wonder Swift’s net worth is growing by the year? Swift’s work doesn’t stop when she’s done touring and recording music.

In between all that, she’s also doing product endorsements, which has also put her net worth over the edge. branded sundress line at Wal-Mart, served as a spokesperson and model for Diet Coke and Keds, and even designed American Greetings cards.

back in 2006 (even though people didn’t notice it until 2008) and hasn’t slowed down since. When it comes to country, pop, (whatever-the-heck-genre) singer Taylor Swift, you’re one of two people who fall into these categories: you either love her, or you despise her annoying existence with every fiber of your being. well, despite that tiny grey area for those of us in the latter category when Kanye West actually made us sympathize with her a little bit, the jerk.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know all about Taylor’s love life and the fact that she seems to go through dudes like a drunk goes through a case of bourbon. Or is her entire dating life just one big publicity stunt?

We explore 15 reasons why we believe this very thing to be true and how she profits off of it.

And she’s doing all she can to reach for the stars and solidify her place in music history.

You can tell that she's playing off of her dear friend, Lorde. Taylor does have a knack for creating catchy songs.

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The young grandson/grand-nephew of Kennedy royalty is actually four years younger than Swift and he was spooked away like a baby deer after Swift came on too strong, too soon. “She was more obsessed with the idea of dating a Kennedy, than the actual Kennedy she was dating,” an unnamed source told the The song was apparently inspired by some classmate dude of Taylor’s named Drew Hardwick whom she had a heavy stalker-like crush on.

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