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Once you have 1000 rep and 35 look (from the makeup), go to strip club and start selecting `find B class customer insteadrnrn13.Around day 60 you can get into the platinum club, make sure you reject the guyrnrn14. Buy most expensive perfume when you have 00rn11.

I played it again and again exploring more and more different opportunities dealing with the park and the bar and so on.

k, after a lot of trying, still didn`t have the opportunity to drive a car.

not that i missed it, but i`d like to know if there are more ways to play i haven`t discovered yet.

I thought the three way tie ending would have gone better but oh well. great game but it gets harder every time u fuck somebody it There are no words to describe this game. All my previous comments in various different games were taken into account and carefully considered in this game. That`s what I have always maintained in all my comments.

I do like how incredibly detailed the person`s bodies are. I am really happy that all these factors have been considered duly.

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This game is in my top 5 because its so good, the graphics and animation are brilliant.

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