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Loving God and following His ultimate guidance is the sole reason and goal in Muslim belief. The more real answer is that yes, a lot of Muslims do. This type of dating to see if it's going anywhere or just stringing people along with heartache is not in Islamic law.The reason for this is that Muslim priorities are long-term and originate from God. Unless you ask them what actually happens, they won't tell you. And since you are still reading, I'll explain as best I can.Muslims believe in One God and therefore live by a moral code they believe is set organically by Him.Sexual relationships, or any physical relationship between a man and woman for that matter, is not the initial experience because any physical act requires a spiritual attachment.In Islamic law, a physical relationship is initiated with a marriage () to gain God's blessings.Of course anyone else who is looking to settle down will have that in common with Muslims.

Thus, a 'date' for Muslims is transformed into a Halal date.

Such goals also ensure that a couple really serious about getting together understand just how important their relationship is in their faith.

Just like the government only gets involved with married individuals (a man/woman can sleep around all they want without responsibility), God's relationship laws are only for those with the maturity and intellect to legally commit.

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His laws on interaction and dignity are priority throughout. There is no engagement in Islamic law, as understood by popular culture.

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