Backdating rules

Posted by / 12-Jan-2021 14:54

Backdating rules

But our moving to an online-only application form has changed things.

The process is quicker and simpler and more convenient.

If you want, you can fill the form in at two in the morning.

You can do it from anywhere you like, on a tablet or a smart-phone.

This is something I talk about a lot but I’m not going to apologise for being boring; it’s too important.

If you want to claim Housing Benefit, do it straight away.

This process is not backdating, it is what the law says must happen when you apply.

If you are older than state pension credit age, we will automatically backdate your claim for Housing Benefit and local Council Tax Support for up to 3 months, provided that you qualify based on your circumstances at the time.

Of course, we know that some of our customers are still not online.

I certainly wouldn’t want to minimise or make light of the difficulties that a minority of people might face dealing with an online world but there are fall-back arrangements in place and help is available.

Postal delays or having to make special trips to get your hands on a paper form are no longer a factor.

And once you’ve made your claim – its simple to prove it.

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We will normally only pay you from when you make your claim.

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