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(5) THE RAM AND LION FORMATIONS - COMBINED WITH AN UNBALANCED LINE, THEY PRODUCE A REALLY NASTY WEDGE THAT'S BEEN A MAINSTAY OF MY OFFENSE SINCE THE MID-90'S. FOR THE FOOTBALL HISTORY BUFF, THERE ARE SOME CLIPS OF 1950'S PRINCETON TEAMS RUNNING THE WEDGE, AND OF WYOMING'S "SIDE SADDLE T", FROM 1954 EVERY PURCHASOR OF THE SET WILL BE ADDED TO THE OPEN WINGERS' MAILING LIST - AT INTERVALS, I WILL MAIL OUT SUGGESTIONS, IDEAS, COACHING TIPS AND IN-DEPTH EXPLANATIONS I’ve been selling my “EVOLUTION OF AN OFFENSE” DVD for .95 and it’s been a good enough seller - but not nearly enough Double Wing coaches have seen it, nor have they been to any of my clinics or camps - which means that in many cases they’re running a 20-year-old Double Wing.Still plenty good, you understand - but not as good as it could be. .95 CLINIC UPDATE - Saturday, June 2 - outside Raleigh, North Carolina - my first East Coast clinic in three years.Published continually since 1998, "NEWS YOU CAN USE" was a Blog before "Blog" was even a word!

Dedicated on July 8, 2007 by the 28th Infantry Regiment Association, the Mc Cormick Tribune Foundation, the Cantigny First Division Foundation, and the Village of Cantigny. Site ID=27&Mem ID=75 *********** My high school, Germantown Academy, was all-male, with graduating classes around 50.As a teacher myself, I thought he did a great job of meeting his audience on their terms and making it a memorable lesson, and the kids were incredibly polite and well-behaved. Parents have given up on teaching their kids manners, right? We ended with several people saying, spontaneously, “God Bless America.” And then we walked home together, many of us having made new friends. Until the “doughboys” proved their mettle in combat, there was pressure from our Allies to use American troops as fill-ins for their troops lost in battle.In the middle of the esplanade at the center of the town of Cantigny stands a large bronze sculpture of a 28th Infantry Regiment Black Lion of Cantigny Doughboy sculpted by Stephen Spears and dedicated on . The doughboy is mounted on a black stone pedestal and commemorates the first battle American forces fought and won in Europe during World War I.In short, they were the kind of leaders we coaches all crave.In the sit-down with young Jim Fraser, they told him that they thought he had good potential as a football player and they asked him to join them. ) and suggested that his time at GA wouldn’t be near as enjoyable as a soccer player as it would be if he joined their merry band. He turned out to be a very good linebacker, good enough to get a scholarship to Wisconsin, and he went on to play six seasons in the AFL with the Broncos, Chiefs and Patriots, as both a linebacker and a punter.

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On the morning of May 28th, 1918, the 28th Infantry Regiment, US First Division, American Expeditionary Forces, commanded by COL Hanson E.

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