Belfast girl cam

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Belfast girl cam

A strict curfew was enforced in Belfast after the violence, to try to ensure the Orange Order's 12 July marches passed off peacefully.

Directly after the violence, on 11 July, the Commandant of the IRA's 2nd Northern Division, Eoin O'Duffy, was sent to Belfast by the organization's leadership in Dublin to liaise with the British authorities there and try to maintain the truce.

Over the following three days, at least 14 people lost their lives and 14 wounded in fighting in the city, including three Catholics who were taken from their homes and killed by uniformed police.

Low-level attacks continued in the city over the next month until another major outbreak of violence that led to "Bloody Sunday".

The truce was due to come into effect at midday on Monday 11 July, but violence resumed that morning.

In retaliation for an Irish Republican Army (IRA) ambush of a police raiding party, Protestant loyalists attacked Catholic enclaves, burning homes and businesses.

In the north the official truce did not end the fighting.

IRA members later recalled, "The Truce was not observed by either side in the north", while Mc Corley said the truce in Belfast "lasted six hours only".

The New York Times characterised the clashes as "a three-fold fight between Sinn Féin and Unionist snipers and Crown forces".

It added, "In the extent of material damage to property, Sunday's rioting can be compared to the Dublin Rising in 1916".

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Gunmen were seen firing from windows, rooftops and street corners.

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