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Binsearch not updating

Many ISP's are limiting your speed when accessing Usenet.It is important to know that Usenet access is not the same as Web access.The FCC recently voted to repeal net neutrality guidelines and was met with extreme pushback from the public.Now that net neutrality provisions are officially gone, it's time to look forward and find a new solution to ensure that Internet users in the United States have access to an open Internet, without restrictions on their speed or access imposed by broadband providers.Philip is responsible for scaling Golden Frog's products and services and designing and implementing new technologies, including Vypr VPN's proprietary Chameleon technology. Rachel Wolbers, Policy Director, Engine Rachel is currently focused on developing policy priorities and engaging with lawmakers to promote startup interests in Washington.

In her capacity at the State Capitol, she worked with constituents, local municipalities, state agencies and interest groups in researching and developing effective policy on a vast array of issues.

Possible reasons for this error: Some news services have a "Control Panel" on their website where you can log in to check your account.

That is a good test to make sure your username and password is correct as well as verifying that your account is active and in good standing.

If you are investigating a connection problem then it is a good idea to make sure that "Show Server Commands" is turned on under Options/Network so you can see more details of the messages passing between Newsbin and the News server.

If you cannot determine the problem either use the Newsbin forums as described below or send an excerpt of the Logging tab messages to us through the Newsbin Technical Support Form with a description of the symptoms that occur.

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