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communications "Stimsonite reflectors " were a proposed change in the original cost estimate for the second GPW contract.This is not to say Stimsonite reflectors started at the second contract but it would indicate that they were not used on the first GPW contract since the second contract estimate was based on March 23, 42 first contract production. That is whatever the actual cost of producing a 1/4 ton truck was the Government was charged exactly that, plus Ford's profit (about .00 per vehicle).The head stock tag says: motocebane type d 45 -machine no. 413902- I want to know what year it is and any information on these bikes. He now wants to restore the bike and get it running again.

UNCONFIRMED :- Nabholtz notes that very late production GPWs were fitted with the canvas cover.

also does it take straight gas or a 2 stroke gas mix? France, Limoges Sat May 16 2009 kevin.jones447 at ntlworld dot com Help engine parts required!!!!

thanks its in very good shape still runs like to keep it in the family thank u very much. ALan New Hampshire - USA Fri Aug 07 2009 aklsp at Old Motobecane Motobecane 50 cc I think I have an old yellow motobecane (1970's I think. motobecane 'moby' 150cc Hi i'm looking for a cylinder and piston for my 1958 moby scooter, i belive it to be a type 150 cc p engine as that is what it states on the manual i have with it.

I'm trying to get it registered in chicago IL and i dont have all the paper work for it. I have the vin# Chicago IL Sun Mar 22 2009 skaterboi360180 at yahoo dot com need help finding parts ateliers de la motobecane motobecane is there any web site or catologs for finding and buying parts for a moped like this michigan Wed Mar 04 2009 luisfsalda at co Motobecane Cady - Pantin I just found this Motobecane with Mach No. I want to know what year is and where in the web I can find information of this bike and books to see the way to restore it. I ran over some nails with the front tire and the front tire went completely flat.

thanks so much South America Fri Nov 28 2008 Handiman542001 at yahoo dot com motobecane type 40T Motobecane 40T I have acquired this bike and is in great condition, but has no engine. I don't know how to take off the front tire though. Hamilton Fri Sep 05 2008 jd9400pete at motobecane runabilty 50v mobyliet ? Thanks Scotland Mon Aug 04 2008 sangia32 at hotmail dot com I need a part for my bike mobylette 50 Novi PB 125440 I have a 1977 mobylette 50 moped. serial # 05827445 Novi-PB 125440 as soon as possible washington dc Fri Aug 01 2008 stevenmatichuk at hotmail dot com fuel leak Mobylette V44 (I think) Here is a link to a picture of the bike: It has a mysterious fuel leak that is causing unburned fuel to pool in the exhaust. Thanks for any help, Steve (in Toronto) Toronto, Canada Sun Jul 27 2008 ucabears30 at yahoo dot com parts for a 19 Motebecane 50v i need to find an air intake cover and a new air filter and i also need some side covers and a new kill switch. any help on finding parts would be greatly appreciated. Canada Mon Jun 02 2008 gary.kempsey at jerseytelecom dot com Motobecane motobecane 51VL Hi. Could someone tell me the mix i sould be using as no manual came with it.

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The Ford records show this changed at GPW 25855 or GPW25755 The "F" could be covered by solder depending on the worker at the Ford plant or repairs since production.

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