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Bsd pkgupdating help

Adding the -v option will direct portmaster to be a bit more forthcoming about what it’s doing.Finally, the name of the port should be one of the following: the full name of the port directory as specified in .Get our latest ebook to learn how network intelligence will help you adapt to a quickly changing Internet-centric environment. This set of files is used for building and installing applications on Free BSD, and other BSD-based operating systems.Each installed port will be listed in one of these categories along with whether the port has a revised version available: contains all the last minute notes on all of the ports in the Ports Collection and documents, where applicable, some of the problems you may encounter when updating, and/or additional features or options that may be available.Follow the instructions contained in ) before “deinstalling” the existing port, allowing those libraries to potentially be restored if there are any incompatibility issues between the new port and the installed libraries.Have a look at the screenshots, since picture says more than a thousand words.Please don't forget to read the for additional information as well as licensing notes.

portmaster will recognize that it’s a new port and install the port’s dependencies as usual: Sometimes it’s helpful to have portmaster figure out what needs to be updated and in what order, but not actually do it.pkg package format is a tar archive which can be raw, or use the following compression: gz, bzip2 and xz, defaulting in xz format.The tar itself is composed in two types of elements: This is a subset of the information included in the main MANIFEST, omitting the lists of files, checksums, directories and scripts.The SQLite database allow fast queries and ACID transactions.It also allows finding the reverse dependencies reliably without a needing the REQUIRED_BY hack.

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