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Burundi dating international

President of Burundi's National Assembly, Pascal Nyabenda holds a gavel during the voting session on October 12, 2016 in Bujumbura, for the withdrawal of the International Criminal Court ©Onesphore Nibigira (AFP) ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda in April had launched a preliminary investigation into reports of "killing, imprisonment, torture, rape and other forms of sexual violence, as well as cases of enforced disappearances."The initial probe is aimed at determining whether there is enough evidence to proceed to a full-blown investigation by ICC prosecutors which could result in drawing up charges against those believed to be responsible for the violence.

While a few lawmakers argued against the draft law, it was eventually passed in the lower house with 94 votes in favour, two against and 14 abstentions.

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Human rights and democracy advocates in Burundi will oppose their government withdrawing," said William Pace of the Coalition for the International Criminal Court.

Set up in 2002 as the last resort to try war criminals and perpetrators of genocide never tried at home, the ICC has opened full investigations into nine nations, all of them African except for Georgia.

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