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The Receipt Validation Guide in Apple’s developer documentation describes both of these.

The periodical has a good article on implementing manual receipt validation — this requires use of the Open SSL APIs, and is not trivial.

This is called a man-in-the-middle attack: After an attack like this has taken place, your unsuspecting app will receive whatever (fraudulent) purchase receipt the MITM program has provided.

If the receipt were some random garbage file and your app didn’t bother to validate it at all, the user would just get their free stuff.

Many people do this willingly in order to avoid many of the restrictions Apple builds into the OS.

Once an i OS device has been jailbroken, software running on it pretty much has free rein over the whole system, and is not limited by any of the security features that Apple has implemented.

Jailbreaking is a term that refers to the bypassing of built-in security mechanisms in the i OS operating system for the purpose of gaining more control over the system.In this article we will go through the basic process of performing in-app purchase payments, and discuss approaches for ensuring that paid resources are only provided for users who have actually paid for them.Apple provides the Store Kit framework in the i OS SDK for working with in-app purchases.They can do this by letting the first such payment transaction go through to Apple (requiring the user to actually pay, once), capturing the receipt in Apple’s response, storing it, and then again intercepting all future payment requests for that product, and providing the same captured receipt data over and over again.In order to thwart these kinds of “replay attacks,” you can store the identifiers of all in-app purchase receipts as they are used and check each time that newly provisioned receipts have not been seen before.

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People like free stuff, and some are willing to compromise their morals to get free stuff, so it comes as no surprise that there is readily available software that allows one to essentially “get free in-app purchases in any app”.