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Thus, Canada is one of the few countries still open to immigration, also sees its male population increase compared to the female population.The phenomenon is accelerating; the male population is overtaking those of women in Canada.According to the very serious Wikipedia, Russia like Ukraine are countries where life expectancy for men is on average 10 years less than the life expectancy of men in rich countries of the European Union.The reasons are found in alcohol (practically free), cardiovascular diseases, smoking, economic problems.Paraskeva Clark (née Plistik) became a well-known painter.Some Russians-Canadians joined the Canadian Mac Kenzie-Papineau Battalion, which fought on the Republican side during the Spanish Civil War.The Great Depression and WWII virtually halted immigration of all nationalities, but between 19 a significant number of Russians immigrated to Canada.

Small Russian communities were established in Montréal, Toronto, Windsor, Timmins, Winnipeg, Vancouver and Victoria.This Russian movie illustrates remarkably well the cultural differences people will encounter when they will meet people in Eastern Europe and especially single and beautiful Russian women.Except in certain countries that practice selective abortion of children of female gender, such as China, the average birth ratio is 110 boys for 100 girls.Most of the early immigrants were peasants who found work in various industries.After WWI many of the one million Russians (the majority of them agricultural and industrial labourers) fleeing the effects of the Russian Revolution sought admission to Canada.

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