Carbon dating and turin shroud dating in peterborough ontario

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Carbon dating and turin shroud

The Turin shroud provides an interesting, Dan Brown style, diversion.

But come on, it isn't going to prove anything to unbelievers like me, even if it passes a DNA fingerprint test.

"A lot of studies have proved that it's human blood for example - so it's not just done by a painter," he says. I think the probability is very high that it's genuine." Map of cloth The centre plans to produce "an accurate map of the cloth" to discern whether it was made from the same cloth or contains repairs."This is something very special, a historical object whether it originated 2000 or 700 years ago. It's a very historical thing." He has his own view about why some people are unwilling to accept the science. But the debate has not been stopped and maybe it never will. There'll always be some who believe it's true." Interestingly, it is not the Catholic church that insists the shroud is genuine but people outside it, he says.So I have no bad feelings about people going to see it. "Maybe some people want to have proof for the existence of God.So much effort was put into the sample taking procedure." In short, he is convinced that the object dates from the 14th Century.And yet that doesn't take away from the shroud's power to move people, he adds.

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So you can ask 'Was that the moment of resurrection?

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