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Carbon dating the turin shroud

"Then for the sake of completeness I have added the bloodstains, the burns, the scorching because there was a fire in 1532." Garlaschelli says his work disproves the claims of the shroud's strongest supporters.

"Basically the Shroud of Turin has some strange properties and characteristics that they say cannot be reproduced by human hands," he told CNN by phone from Italy, where he is a professor of organic chemistry at the University of Pavia.

"For example, the image is superficial and has no pigment, it looks so lifelike and so on, and therefore they say it cannot have been done by an artist." His research shows the pigment may simply have worn off the cloth over the centuries since it was first "discovered" in 1355, but impurities in the pigment etched an image into the fibers of the cloth, leaving behind the ghostly picture that remains today. The artist took this sheet and put it over one of his assistants," he said.

The real Shroud of Turin is due to go on display to the public in April and May of 2010."Only a few very chosen persons have direct access to it," he said, adding he had relied on "the published data" about the relic.He is due to present his findings Saturday at a conference of the Italian Committee for the Investigation of Claims on the Paranormal.(CNN) -- An Italian scientist says he has reproduced one of the world's most famous Catholic relics, the Shroud of Turin, to support his belief it is a medieval fake, not the cloth Jesus was buried in.Luigi Garlaschelli created a copy of the shroud by wrapping a specially woven cloth over one of his students, painting it with pigment, baking it in an oven (which he called a "shroud machine") for several hours, then washing it.

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"As a hobby I am interested in mysteries, and the Shroud of Turin is obviously a very mysterious object," he said.