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It actually makes a lot of sense, and Chief Product Officer Chris Cox even joked that he thought Facebook would have launched dating more than a decade ago.“One of the great ironies for me is that when a lot of us joined the very first version of the service in 2004, back when it was just a handful of college students, we were convinced that dating would be the next feature Facebook was going to add,” Cox said onstage at Facebook’s conference last week.Either person can send the first message, but they’ll only be allowed to send that one unless the recipient replies. The feature is being built by the company’s profile team, which is run by Will Cathcart, a long-tenured product VP who joined the company from Google in 2008.Facebook is limiting the messages to text-only, meaning no videos or photos or links. Cathcart oversees all Facebook profiles, not just dating, and I imagine we’ll find out who is handling dating specifically once the company actually rolls this feature out. "We were the only morning show that didn't mention it," coanchor Gayle King says proudly.

"They are copying us." What has also helped is a team of anchors who truly like each other. King adds that her relaxed on-air rapport with Rose has led to questions from viewers about how close they really are. ' She said 'you know what I mean.' I said 'I don't know what you mean.'" "They're not dating," O'Donnell notes.Says O'Donnell: "Charlie has more stamina than Gayle and I do." Subscribe to TV Guide Magazine now!' correspondent Seth Doane has been on the ground in Syria, reporting on the alleged chemical weapon attacks as well as the U. TV Guide spoke with Doane about his experiences in Syria and how he managed to be the only U. TV network correspondent on the ground in Syria at the time the missiles were landing, "As soon as this April 7 attack took place, my producer that I work with here and the bureau chief in London started thinking, 'We'd better move on trying to get into Syria, in case there is some sort of US response to this April 7 attack,' and it turned out there was," Doane tells TV Guide.Facebook doesn’t plan to make this a separate app, according to a company spokesperson.Facebook will make some recommendations based on interests and other data, like your location, but you’ll also be able to find possible matches by “unlocking” groups or events on Facebook, which will allow you to connect with other singles who have unlocked those same groups or events.

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But it's not just as easy as being quick on the uptake and finding yourself in the right place at the right time.