Chat online dating site freundschaft liebe

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Chat online dating site freundschaft liebe

Falling in love in cyberspace is similar to cases of love at first sight: we do not have all the required information, but we fill in the gaps with idealized assumptions.

In light of this similarity, we can speak about “love at first chat.” For example, one may detect in the first chat a sense of humor and wittiness and instantly fall in love with the sender.

Likewise, wittiness has a powerful impact at first chat, but its impact may be reduced once we the person’s other characteristics begin to surface.The centrality of the connection and the dialogue , Angelika Krebs (2015) argues that romantic love is not about each partner having the other as his or her object; love is about the connection between the partners.Loving somebody implies being deeply satisfied with the experiences and activities you share with the beloved.However, when the first chat turns into an online, and then offline, relationship, the likelihood of finding profound love increases.“There is nothing wrong with him” Unlike the two previous ways of choosing a romantic partner, this way takes into account profound qualities, and when no profound negative qualities are detected, the prospective partner may be given a chance (Gottlieb, 2010).

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