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Chat with frum girls

Like it’s been so long I don’t even know where to begin.

Seriously, I feel a need to mention it at the risk of it sounding show-offy to like thank all of you for your interest.

To answer all the questions, it was not directly linked to the takanos everyone has been hearing about, but they did make my father aware of what he never was before.

I thought laying low was best for me in the long run. So like this is my first year working and I got a job in an office in a very frum place in town.

), my main point here is the vaiberish stuff going on amongst us girls/women.

To get to the point, my office has a very heimish, close atmosphere, which is nice actually.

So let me admit that my initial reaction was one of surprise, and also like I have to admit I was very curious.

[public] created by Mommyand Twins Welcome all Frum guys and girls from around the world.

Please keep the chatting here appropriate for such a place.

I hope it means there was stuff people took an interest in and perhaps an idea we could share.

I also so have to apologize for my sporadic visits of late – especially not being able to e-mail (you know who you are) when I so wanted to.

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