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Christian dating service chandler arizona

The handsome 21-year-old shared 10 happy snaps from their trip to the south of France, with the loved-up duo featuring in images that also showcased the incredible medieval architecture of the region.

Taking to Instagram, Chandler first posted an action shot of himself airborne, with his arms spread out and a wide smile on his face.

The Dordogne river and what looked to be the small village of Beynac, acted as the picturesque background.

In a second shot, the wakeboarder held the camera up for a close-up of himself, with Bindi standing on a ledge by the river, as she leaned in while brandishing a wide smile, Rugged up against the cold, American Chandler looked every inch the wildlife warrior wearing a polar fleece top, blue shirt and a pair of faded blue jeans, completing the look with dark brown boots.

Chandler appeared to be enthralled by the trip, captioning the photo set: 'The South of France was one of the most spectacular places I've ever visited.'Explaining what the photos contained, Chandler continued: 'The Dordogne River flowing through towns that remain exactly how they were during Medieval Times and the most beautiful gardens in the world' before adding, 'Can't wait to go back one day.'In another image, Bindi sits on a stone-fenced lookout, smiling at the camera, with the breathtaking scenery of the picturesque French countryside below her.

The pair also managed to snap some peacocks and document their visit to what appeared to be the highly-manicured gardens of Marqueyssac, which features ornate geometrically-shaped plants.

Under still-mysterious circumstances, the Hohokam disappeared around 1450 or 1500, the most likely theory having to do with a prolonged drought.

During the First World War Scottsdale and its environs supported a large cotton farming industry, which was due to the creation of Long Staple Egyptian Cotton, developed by the US Department of Agriculture.

Although cotton is still grown in southern Arizona, Scottsdale's cotton boom ended with the loss of government contracts at the end of the war.

Bindi preferred a more elegant French look, with the 19-year-old looking sophisticated in an glamorously cut black jacket, which she paired with tight blue jeans and brown lace-up boots.

Wildlife enthusiast Bindi chose to go make-up free, with her brunette hair left down, and her youthful skin glowing.

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Flood plains throughout history have been enticing locations for development due to their flatness, ease of building and inexpensiveness.