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It’s primarily a decision.” Now, if you are wondering how love and U. Sex outside of God’s design will always be a source of brokenness because it’s for people who are married, not people who are “in love.” Yeah, I thought this before I was married. Five years of marriage has taught me that sex is hard work. But if you believe angels are going to sing, “Hallelujah! But almost every teaching I hear on lust begins and ends like this: “Lust is wrong. Let’s pray.” What the church needs to do is differentiate between lust and sexual desire. Lust is looking at another human being more as a piece of meat than a creation of God. If you can’t get married because you are 15, trust God’s eternal plan for sex is better than your present one. And the man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed.(Genesis -25) These days, people tend to think of harlots as those who engage in multiple sexual relationships.These words are porneia from which the English word "pornography" is derived.

According to the Bible love "rejoices with the truth...Under such practices, God is not honored, and both yours and your partner's walk with Christ is hampered.In addition, one's witness for Jesus is nullified, since even non-believers know that living together before marriage is not what a Christian should do. My wife then stared at me with a look like, “Did you really just throw a pillow at the tv over a cartoon movie? Movies will paint a character one way, then drop the bombshell. Hollywood doesn’t hold the rights to this principle. Look, it’s not a stretch to say marriage in our country is falling apart (at least partly) because sex has lost its mystery. So, if you made mistakes sexually, God can and will forgive you. You can still have a marriage that flourishes, and you can still enjoy sex with your current (or future) spouse. And when Anna needs him most, Prince Hans pulls an Okie-Doke on her, leaving her for dead. I seriously think I threw my couch pillow at the tv the first time I saw it. Hollywood has built an industry on the “Prince Hans Principle” (yeah, I just made that up). It’s almost as though Christians believe it’s better to hand out condoms than teach abstinence. Meanwhile, God says sex binds two people together physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Until sex is seen as a powerful expression of covenant love, wrapped in mystery and complexity, marriages will continue to fall apart. It frees you and your current (or future) spouse to explore sex without baggage. But it’s also God’s nature to take even the worst scenario and make it beautiful. And, again, the church’s failure to address sex gives Satan an open door.

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However, the Old Testament indicates that engaging in even one sexual relationship before marriage (i.e., not being a virgin) makes one a harlot.

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