Coffee dating website

Posted by / 22-Aug-2020 00:20

Coffee dating website

I've found out that the owners approach people in bars and on social media websites offering free memberships if they will join.

This may explain why some people are being matched with people and forming a connection only to find that the other person is not interested in a relationship.

I was then put in the very unpleasant situation of having to tell them I couldn't proceed with the date. After 9 months, it was finally admitted to me that there were no existing members who met my criteria.

Even though I was previously promised a refund by a certain timeframe if they could not find me an appropriate match, they refused to return a single cent of the fees I paid. Other members have connected with me via social media and shared similar, sometimes worse stories about their experiences with Just Coffee.

In 4 months I had 2 dates even though my contract was 1 per month.I was promised regular contact and personal matching.What I got was me chasing often and a computer based system that matched our criteria (and the matching criteria when you sign up is very basic).I wasn't interested in Internet dating because it sounds like there are a lot of time wasters online.What appealed to me about Just Coffee was that because you make it clear what you are looking for, you can assume that the guys you are matched with want the same things.

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Just like the proverbial hot potato Just Coffee Dating has been sold again.