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Yet we all yearn for long-lasting and committed relationships…the sort that span out to 20 and if we’re lucky 50 years of marriage.

This isn’t to say that instant gratification or forming relationships through non-physical, solitary means of interacting via a phone, tablet, or computer screen is all bad — it just hasn’t shown the best results statistically when it comes to exclusive connections and matters of the heart. Online dating apps though extremely convenient and ‘fun’ are notorious for meaningless hook-ups.

As a result, online dating has become the logical choice for busy professionals, because it provides “access to potential partners whom people would be unlikely to meet through other avenues.” Our technology is based on the “Five Factor Model” of personality traits it tells us what makes you unique, it also allows us to consider what you look for in a relationship.

Though there may be a number of success stories that have come out of venturing into the online dating realm, you will certainly have your work cut out for you if you’re looking to meet someone who’s genuine and keen on long-lasting relationships.After all, there’s only so much unwanted photos of private parts, ghosting, and invitations to get “intimate” that a person can handle before throwing in the online dating towel.If you are serious about meeting a life-partner but haven’t had any progress in that department, your safest bet would be to rely on a matchmaking agency to help you in your quest.If you have been wondering what the differences between Matchmaking and Online Dating are, here are five reasons why you should stop wasting your time on those online dating apps and start investing in a matchmaker instead:1.It’s a much safer option The problem with most online dating apps is that no one gets vetted.

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Whatever happened to the good old days of old-fashion romance, you ask?

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