Convince reluctant wife into dating men pros and cons on dating older men

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It gets serious as one humiliation follows another!CODEY STEELE was in the midst of being robbed when the two burglars got into an argument with each other!

[May 23] Private Investigator JASON GREEN had been so pleased with himself when he tracked down the missing paintings -- but now he was going to end up "missing" too! [May 21] When CODEY STEELE finished his shower, he was quite surprised to find his sweetheart ALISON REY bound and gagged on the bed!

They parted ways, one storming out the door, leaving the other tied up on the floor next to Codey!

Catburglar ALISON REY was surprised by this turn of events, but there was little she could do!

The struggling studs received a humiliating reminder of their powerless position when the sadistic boss swatted their brief-clad butts with the rod before a final indignity severely diminished their mobility.

After the tethers were used to draw Codey and Robby's feet close to their hands, the hogtied pair grovelled on their stomachs as the head evildoer looked on in amusement.

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Bound hand and foot, the crestfallen conspirators mumbled through their tape-gags as they co-operated in attempting to free themselves.

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