Cuckold date line

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Most women have a problem with their husbands looking at porn on the internet, not Jenny, she often found new sites, and sent them to me as e-mail links, while I was working from home.

As hard as I tried to hold off, I was so turned on that I told her I was about to cum. I wildly jerked on my cock, until I spewed my cum all over her delicate little palms. " The whole time I was licking my wife’s pussy she had her eyes closed, and was telling me what a lousy fuck I am, and how she’s going to enjoy Phil’s big fat cock.

The only thing that pleased me more than Jenny’s hot body and good looks was her wonderfully wicked mind.

She never stopped thinking of ways to keep our love making new and exciting.

I thought she was asking me what would I do if she was having an affair, so I said, if it was you that was screwing another man, I suppose I would want to know about it.

“That’s not what I was asking” said Jenny, “but since you brought it up, how would you react if you found out I was having an affair?

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I told them that Jenny could do as she pleased, and what pleases Jenny, pleases me. She had her index finger hooked on one of his belt loops, and she kept tugging on him, as they talked and laughed.

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