Dating a detective police officer

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Dating a detective police officer

Then 34, he was heavily sedated for two weeks, and doctors said he only survived because he was in such pristine physical shape. I can’t move an inch in any direction without feeling a tremendous amount of pain. Friedman took years to fully recover and slowly eased into civilian life. I’ve seen people with their arms cut off, legs cut off, body parts. I could go out and eat pizza after all of this,” said Friedman, who now spends most of his days working on home-improvement projects.

It was devastating.” Adding insult to injury, he was seeing seven women — all of whom showed up at the hospital. But on closer inspection, I realized that I’d been dating these women concurrently over the last year, and they all picked the same time to visit me,” said Friedman. “She must have had a good sense of humor.” She moved in with Friedman and helped him recover.

While working in the crime-ridden South Bronx in the 1970s, he was prolific when it came to taking down the perps who shot at him, pulled knives and pummeled him with everything from fists to a tire iron.

If cops had box scores, he’d be the Russell Westbrook of the NYPD.

The date — who wasn’t his steady girlfriend — was whisked away by Friedman’s brother at his request.

She had invited him to her apartment, where she had promised to cook dinner and suggested dessert was definitely on the menu. Friedman promised to make it up to her and rescheduled for the coming Wednesday. Three days later, he was stopped in his precinct house by two detectives from the intelligence division.

Coffey accused Friedman of giving Fernandez the gun.

After hours of interrogation at the 47th Precinct, Friedman’s superior convinced Coffey of his innocence, citing his clean record. Fernandez, however, was still in cuffs and never spoke to law enforcement again.

It unfolded one Friday night in 1977, when Friedman and his partner netted an arrest, keeping them late at work.

He had to cancel a hot date with a woman he was seeing at the time.

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Friedman can’t help but wonder what would have happened if things had gone differently.

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