Dating a victim of abuse

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Dating a victim of abuse

(notice: prostitutes plural) - Diversion of revenues into a personal Paypal account to avoid tax reporting - Inflated expense accounts - Relocation plan for the company, which partner-spouse Barbara called a boondoggle - Demands for a retroactive salary hike from 0,000 to 0,000 per year - Undisclosed salary for Kimberly La Capria, aka Vice Vixen, a dominatrix hired as the chief fact-checker for - Undisclosed salary for Elyssa Young, aka escort Erin OBryn and newlywed wife, for unstated services as a administrator.

Pizzagate Deniers The hiring of prostitutes may seen like the antics of a middle-aged man trying to materialize his sexual fantasies before the onset of impotence.

The key to maintain secrecy is, of course, the use of code words in phone conversations and emails.

Now heres the Snopes denial: As we have noted in the past, fear of pedophile code imagery is occasionally the basis for panic, but law enforcement officials believed that the symbols themselves are used among adults to signal preferences, not as labels for children, not as markers placing them in any danger. When ordering ahead for a boy or girl of a certain age, the pedophile will, of course, use a code word, instead of saying over a cell phone: My orders for a 3-year-old blonde.

Among the financial improprieties by David Mikkelson was his hiring of a dominatrix called Vice Vixen as administrator in charge of fact-checking for Snopes.

Stop Being a Lolita The once-infallible husband-and-wife team who founded the Snopes fact-checking website are calling each other liars and frauds in an eye-opening divorce spat, as reported by the Daily Mirror.

This revelation comes from the horses mouth, and also from his whores arse.

Nasty things do not happen down in the basement, do they, Davy? The dog leash crawl, rope tricks, being probed with the blunt handle of a riding crop? Mikkelsons greater outrage was not his own secluded acts of gratification, but was his pleasure in debauching the millions of Lolitas who sincerely believed in his claim of factual honesty.

Now, little darlings, go take a long hot shower and don't forget the mouthwash before going over his catalog of crimes against truth in media.

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