Dating antique horseshoes

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They are sometimes hung above a door for good luck, or re-shaped into hooks, or welded together to make items such as lamp bases or park benches.Big, heavy draft horse shoes can even be used to play a game called horseshoes.It isn't only a woman who'd wear a brooch, it is customary for a Scottish gentleman to keep his kilt or fly plaid in place with a brooch. Corrective shoes will have their own schedules as will specialty shoes like racing plates.

There are many purposes for horse shoes besides horses, too.Hoof boots that are only used for riding and are put on and removed each time are also available.In addition even the unshod horse needs trims every 6–8 weeks to promote proper balance.Neither of these compartments appears to have been used. I am woefully ignorant about cavalry equipment, there are many people who are very knowledgeable about the subject . The regulations governing the design of these cases changed over time.Variations in how the case closed, the presence or absence of the sword frog, how the case attached to the saddle – all these things can tell us about the date of the case.

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Their saddles were specially designed with extensions behind the seat (fans) and in front (burrs) they had many loops and D rings.