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I got to travel by myself on a bus to Seattle to see my best friend Theresa S. I had a frien that I used to go out with and when we would meat a guy and tell him our names she would always sing "Brandy, you're a fine girl what a good wife you would be." Sadly it never helped pick up any guys.My daughter "Brandy" was named after this song in 1996.They played two sets -- each about 45 minutes and played "Brandy" and "Jimmy Loves Mary Anne" repeatedly -- at least five times each. I was born in November 1972 and the song hit Number 1 in September 1972.It was cool, because they had a great sound, but a little sad because they just had these two hits and they weren't connecting with any of their other material. My daddy loved the song and he was in the Navy so that is how I got my name.The current artists just don't make the grade that the past artists did.They just don't seem to feel what they are singing. We used to go to the Enlisted Men's Club for lunch. There was a beautiful dancer named Brandi and she would dance to this song every day. This song triggered a huge wave of baby girls named "Brandy" in the early-to-mid seventies. Didn't mind that a bit, unlike the flood of girls named "Madison" that started with the movie "Splash." What a name for a kid.Last time I saw him was in valpo so I have a feeling James knows him also. He wrote the song for his friends to record but the band fell apart before that could happen.Steve should have gotten a lot more credit for being the songwriter. Some time later, two years maybe, a sound engineer called the writer of the song and asked him if he still had it.

I listen to a lot of music (50, 60, 70 & 80's) at work and some from current artists.The engineer said there is a band in town from New York and they are looking for some material to record.The man agreed to come to the studio and introduced the song to Lurie and the rest of the group.He never used it as any kind of benifet of his own. But it holds a special place for us that remember him.When I was in high school this was a hit and I said to myself then that when I had a daughter that Brandy would be her name. She is now 28 and my very best friend in this world.

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So after sitting on the song he had wrote for three years or longer, he sold all rights to Lurie. Like him, the first time I heard this song it was almost mystical.