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He was a big kid, about 6-3, 215, and he was quite athletic. Because his dad, Tom, had played soccer on the national team in his native Scotland, and Jim had played it all his life.

If you’re planning on attending and there’s something in particular that you’d like me to cover, please be sure to let me know. (1) coaching a QB/passer (2) Offensive line play and “new” Super Power (3) DW Passing.They were good athletes, and they were very tough competitors.They knew no fear, and they could strike fear in the hearts of any slackers on their teams.In short, they were the kind of leaders we coaches all crave.In the sit-down with young Jim Fraser, they told him that they thought he had good potential as a football player and they asked him to join them. ) and suggested that his time at GA wouldn’t be near as enjoyable as a soccer player as it would be if he joined their merry band. He turned out to be a very good linebacker, good enough to get a scholarship to Wisconsin, and he went on to play six seasons in the AFL with the Broncos, Chiefs and Patriots, as both a linebacker and a punter.

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6 PM - FOR THOSE WHO ARE STILL AROUND - DINNER *********** I was out walking my dog Memorial Day morning when a neighbor asked if my wife and I wanted to join the “Parade” some of the neighbors were having - a Memorial Day parade down our street to the Vietnam memorial in town. Along the way, we passed the fire station, and as some of the firemen stood outside - one of them the husband of one of the marchers - they turned the engine lights on and hit the horn.

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  1. They hold car doors even though the vehicle isn't fancy; pay for dinner even if they don't have a lot of money; and give you their gloves even if it's -30 out (yes, it gets that cold here).