Dating customs in the 16th century

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Dating customs in the 16th century

These were: the murder of a man by his wife, the murder of a master by a servant and the murder by a clergyman of his superior.

High treason was of course an offence against the king but certain kinds of murder were defined as petty treason.

It is a myth that 16th century women were meek and submissive.

Some were strong minded and they had more influence than is sometimes imagined. He made the queen, Catherine of Aragon, Governor of the Realm and Captain-General of the home forces in his absence.

Furthermore if a craftsman died his widow often carried on his trade. Some women worked in food preparation such as brewers, bakers or confectioners. Furthermore a very common job for women in the 16th century was domestic servant. However most women were housewives and they were kept very busy.

In the 16th century some women worked spinning cloth. Most men could not run a farm or a business without their wife's help.

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A woman called Margaret Ward was hanged for helping a Catholic priest to escape from jail. You could buy expensive fine wool or cheap, coarse wool.