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Michael decides to help Junior on his women approach techniques, seeing that his son has absolutely no clue on how to behave around women. tests Michael's advice on one of Claire friends, he's surprised that it works, and even gets the girl to agree on going on a school dance with him. was just testing her so he could ask the hottest girl on school out, which he does (and she accepts, on a move to make her ex-boyfriend jealous).

His advice consists on primarily having women say "really? Claire's friend is crushed, and Michael now has to teach him how to apologize properly to a woman.

If you encounter anything unpleasant on the site, blocking and reporting a user is easy to do from the messaging part of the app and website.

Deactivating an account was a little harder to find, however.

It is located under the “billing” section of the website, and we ended up having to Google how to find it.

The site also makes a big show of erasing your information by showing an animation of your matches’ photos falling off a wall and disappearing.

You also must pay for a subscription if you want to read any received messages or send any, though you can send prewritten questions like “what is your definition of a romantic time? You can also send and receive “smiles,” just like with Elite Singles, and let a person know you’re interested in them without having to write anything clever.

I'll forever be stuck in the awkward friend-zone while I wait for him to pick up his balls and make a move.

On the other hand, all single women know about the persistent dude, too.

Lack of self-esteem or fear of rejection tells us they're just not interested in getting to know us or even dating us.

I'll never know if Shy Guy is amused with my cheesy punchlines or sarcastic humor.

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