Dating etiqutte

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Dating etiqutte

A good sageuk, even one with a romance novel core, is about a world of people who only have one purpose in life.A yanban leads, a slave serves in sufferance, a King rules, a woman is validated by whom she marries.These two women are not enemies, they merely represent different avenues of life and living.They can coexist but for greater powers that seek to preserve or overturn the current world order.Both mother and daughter are so pleased to spend time together, though Mom is still worried and tells Ok Jung to go apologize.

Dowager Queen Kim sits with In Hyun to discuss what happened at the banquet today, how Lee Soon favored the low born Ok Jung’s mother and ignored the high born In Hyun’s step mother. Lee Soon and Prince Dongpyung discuss what to do about the Qing encroachment.

And in it, one has found love but at a great price of security, and the other will never experience love at the price of fulfilling a destiny.

I love In Hyun because she’s essentially doing a job she was born and trained to do, except she’s facing a mountain called Ok Jung she cannot co-exist with.

Her mom wants to just leave and go home but Ok Jung asks her to stay. He only has eyes for Ok Jung and her mom and walks over to greet them warmly.

He apologizes for intruding last time while Ok Jung’s mother apologizes for the time he was injured but she didn’t know who he was so that was a grave disrespect.

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I love Ok Jung because she is essentially stepping over and above everything she was born and trained to do, except she will not take for granted her one chance at love even if she has to scheme and fight to keep it.

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