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Dating for book lovers

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KINDLR is currently stoking bookish flames in three beta cities: San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York. Highlight('comment_body_usertext')" class="small Text" href="#comment_form" Amy wrote: "I would definitely try this out if it was in the Minneapolis/St.

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Once you download the app, which is currently available on all Android and i OS devices, you will be matched with other book lovers in your area with the help of our proprietary algorithm that has already helped connect millions of Goodreads members with their next great book.

You will be shown a potential match and, based on their bookshelves, you can swipe right on the heart icon to indicate your interest, or swipe left on the 'x' icon to move on to the next person.

I think this isn\'t such a good idea and hope it is a joke, but then again, I cannot stand dating sites.

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And in Belgium, "lib-dating" sees bookworms speed-dating among the bookshelves of their local libraries, where participants have 10 minutes to hook a date by expounding on their favourite authors.

I'm sort of hoping that's what people will do with our site.

It's not about every single book you've ever read, but listing a few that say something about you or make for good conversation," Mr. And just as having kids or a chain-smoking habit can nix your prospects on e Harmony, there are literary deal breakers as well.

Several members of the Goodreads team are single and dating in San Francisco, and they were getting a little too familiar with profile photos of girls in fake mustaches and guys cradling baby tigers or dancing shirtless at Burning Man.

"We realized that we'd need to either change our lifestyles, or change the way that we date," says Project Manager Andreas Ernst. With the red-hot new Goodreads dating app, KINDLR, your love matches are based on your book choices.

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