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Princeton is a small city in New Jersey and one of the world’s most famous college towns.

Established in 1675 near the banks of the Delaware River, Princeton became the place of high quality education with the completion of Nassau Hall in 1754.

Stroll along the downtown Nassau Street, visit the historic Palmer Square, explore the Princeton University Art Museum, watch a show at the Mc Carter Theater, and listen to the Westminster Choir. The Princeton University Art Museum is recognized as one of the best small museums in the world, with over 92,000 art pieces from all over the world, ranging from ancient to modern.

Still, the climate is just one of the things Boone doesn’t mind trading for an Ivy League education – along with being across the country from his family and taking the collegiate pathway that, he hopes, will result someday in his becoming a fourth-generation major league baseball player.

Address: 91 University Pl, Princeton, NJ 08540, 609-258-2787 More weekend destinations: 15 Best Things to Do in New Paltz, New York.

The woods and fields about a mile from modern day Princeton University served as the site of one of the fiercest battles during the American Revolution in 1777.

Under MLB rules, he won’t be eligible for the draft again until 2020 because he went to college.

“When I got drafted, it was an awesome thing to feel and I was excited, but I was set on college,” said Jake Boone, who added that there was no family pressure put on him to play baseball.

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