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Dating on gta sa

Dating Basics ----------------- Like the previous GTA title San Andreas, dating makes a return in GTA IV. Ladies of Liberty [6a] Michelle [6b] Carmen [6c] Kiki [6d] Alex [6e] Kate 7. Version Updates ------------------- 1.0 - First Release ----------------- 2.

[6a] Michelle Date Setup: Part of the game storyline, so its automatic.

Once Nico has set up the date through their is a wait period and then he will recieve an e-mail from the date.

A date and time will be set and added to the organizer on Nico's phone to which he will go on the "first date".

Go for the best ones you can find when going on a date.

It's even a good idea to keep a good car that you find in your Safehouse parking space. Shows (Cabaret and Comedy) Each girlfriend has their own preferences on Venues, and can be convenient at times (date lives next to restaurant) or annoying (venue is clear across town).

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