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Dating profile headline generator

It shows that you have great people skills, it's brilliant! Take it from us, we've seen just about every drab, typical, and downright cringe-worthy dating profile headline or tagline out there."Because most profiles are just word soup anyway," says the tagline. Here's my generated two-paragraph profile of the "typical inane jabber" persuasion: Aside from the fact that there are no actual sentences (it's still not the worst grammar I've ever seen online), this does kind of sound like every 20-something and 30-something's profile ever.A pretty laid-back person who likes whiskey, IPAs, Yep, that does kind of sound like a guy whose creepy message I would ignore. Haven't you seen all the phrases in this word soup at least a million times in online dating profiles?We've heard of paying people to doctor your online profile to make you sound better, but you might not have the money since you probably aren't having regular sex or why would you need an online dating profile?Sure, this free version just gives you however many paragraphs you want of pure gibberish."Loves to Samba", or "Seeking Mr Right", anything with humor tends to attract some attention.

Created by programmer Lauren Hallden, this profile generator strings together the common catchphrases, cultural references, and generic interests you see over and over again in users profiles.Include punchy or emotion-based words in your phrases that grab attention and entice the reader to delve deeper: Life isn't always about the final dish of paella; It's also about the process.Shopping for those perfect little bi-valves and freshest produce means having fun roaming around my neighborhood farmers market.I would guess that the "future ex girlfriends apply here" one would be good.I have had pretty bad luck getting women to reply to any profile I have put up.

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