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Dating radiologist

This is the second of a two-part series on improving communications.

Click here to read the first part on improving communications with referring physicians.

“We’re trying to build a relationship with them, not that we want to be their friend, but they’re human too,” she said.

How Technology Helps Both Dressen and Weber said that technology has improved the ability of medical staff to communicate.

Of course you can’t force someone to read something, and Dressen said that those who aren’t computer savvy may skip the notes or comments, which can impact the case.

Weber also attributed the shift to the increase in technology.

“Through the years, the radiologists were trained to have such a sharp turnaround time, and they didn’t have the technology to make that happen,” Weber said.

Fortunately, the collaborative relationship between radiologists and technologists is better than it was years ago, though of course it depends on the facility, said Cathy Dressen, MHA, RT, affiliate relations and volunteer manager for the American Society of Radiologic Technologists and an MRI technologist in New Mexico.

Facilities with less successful relationships, she said, are where technologists don’t feel empowered to offer their opinions or make comments.

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They’ve been exposed to the workforce and taken key classes in sociology, psychology or communications on dealing with relationships, Weber said.

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